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I partner with colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and nonprofit organizations and conduct rigorous research and program evaluations to support learners, improve teaching practice, and inform education policy. A focus of my work is exploring ways to lower barriers to learners' creative self-expression in and through music and arts education. I am particularly interested in generating new knowledge to support the learning of low-income and racial/ethnic minority youth. I apply social network analysis to understand how learners form connections with one another to support student-driven learning at individual and group levels. I was an Institute of Education Sciences fellow at the University of Washington and am also a writer and musician. Drawing on my background in research and the arts, I integrate rigorous research with creative approaches to support students and solve education problems. Please email me if you would like more information. 


Prior education and nonprofit collaborators include: 

Creating Capabilities In and Through Music--

presentation at the International Society for Music Education Conference

Creative Learning Networks poster presentation at the Berklee City Music Summit in Newark, NJ. 

Presentation of research investigating the learner-, school-, and state-level predictors of student literacy and numeracy in rural India


My entry—Arts in Education, Impact and Inequalities—published in the SAGE Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education. 

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